Hello, Bonjour!
I'm Quentin, a freelance Product Manager and Builder, working remotely from the French Alps.

Transforming thoughtful ideas into useful & meaningful products is my game. I've earned my stripes over the past 6 years in Product Management, Branding & Growth.

Strategy • Discovery • Delivery • Ops • Mentoring

📍Currently living and loving life in the French Alps, near Chamonix. Don't call me on a powder day ;)

My best work

For the last 8 years, I have worked with different companies, organisations and products: Hardware, Mobile Apps, E-learning & Web. Take a tour of some of my favorite projects:

No Code Ops and Product Build for Kipawa

Products: Backend, Frontend, Operations
No Codes Ops, No Code Build, Mentoring

Developing the web strategy of Carbonable

Products: Brand guide, Corporate website, Web App
Brand strategy, UX Design, Creative direction

Design Thinking for La Fourche Mobile App

Product: Mobile App
Strategy, Discovery, Design

7 weeks intensive bootcamp at Join Mestro

Products: Web, App
Strategy, Discovery, Delivery, Agility, No code

First product manager of Bumpair

Products: Hardware, e-commerce
Strategy, Discovery, Delivery, Agility

Deep into the brand & web strategy of Infl8

Products: Brand guide, Web
Brand strategy, UX Design, Creative direction, No code

First product manager at Horsecom

Products: Mobile App, e-commerce, e-learning
Strategy, Discovery, Delivery, Agility

Where my expertise lies

Product Strategy

I integrate company's missions and objectives into product vision and clear tactics.
Product Vision • Roadmap • Growth • Go to market


From deep user research to high fidelity prototypes, I guide brands through the funnel of Design thinking.
User research • Data • Prioritization • Ideation • Prototyping • Testing


Working closely with development teams, I can improve processes and velocities to bring new features to market in a short time.
Product Backlog • Prioritization • User stories specs • Agility  

No Code Ops & Build

I assist companies in using no-code tools for both back-end & front-end development and internal processes. With No Code tools, companies can increase autonomy and productivity without needing to code themselves.
No Code • Product Ops • Product Build


I help companies move towards a solid product vision with user centric solutions and agile processes.
Coaching • Mentoring • Acculturation

Who is this guy?

What drives me to create useful products that mean something to the world? Why not just sell my skills to the highest bidder?
About me